Why Should I Chose GC Consignment?

GC Consignment service offers some of the highest consignment payout rates. Our team of experts applies their extensive knowledge to be able to appraise and sell your cards both efficiently and effectively. Selling your cards has never been easier with GC handling all of the difficulties of selling your cards. 

Benefits of Selling with GC Consignment: 

1) Evaluate Condition & Value 

2) High Resolution Photos (Front and Back) 

3) Advertisement and Marketing 

4) Safely Store & Insure Consigned Cards 

5) Resolve Customer Service Needs 

6) Securely and Safely Package & Ship to Buyers

7) Offer either a Hassle Free OR Involved Consignment Service

8) Check on Your Cards in Real Time, Any Time

9) Offers the Highest Payout Rates

10) Cards are Listed to Both Our Website AND eBay for Maximum Exposure

How Do I Get Paid When My Cards Sell? 

You must either have a PayPal account or have eTransfer set up to be able to receive your payouts. Payouts are sent after each card has sold (this may take 3-5 business days after the time of sale due to processing times). 

How Long Will It Take To Sell My Cards?

Glads Collectibles cannot guarantee a specific timeline for when cards will be sold. Glads Collectibles aims to price competitively within current market values to try to accelerate sales. 

Are There Any Hidden Fees? 

No, any additional costs that sellers may be invoiced with are clearly indicated on The Consignment Process page. Additional costs may include:

1) Sleeves and top loaders if cards are not submitted in them (maximum $0.35 per card). 

2) If card(s) are appraised with a value less than $10, shipping will be invoiced to the seller to return the card(s). GC Consignment does not list consignment cards with a value less than $10.

3) If card(s) have not sold within 100 days, sellers will be invoiced for either return shipping or re-appraisal will be completed to be re-listed at no extra cost.

Can I Be Involved In Determining The List Price? 

Yes. On the GC Consignment Intake form you, as a seller, can indicate if you want to choose the list price of each submitted card. If you choose to be an "Involved" seller, you will be required to fill out the information on the card list after GC has processed your cards. 

What Type of Products Can Be Submitted For Consignment?

We are only currently accepting any Sports or TCG Cards for consignment. Cards can be either ungraded or graded.