Appraisal Terms and Conditions


    We accept both both raw/ungraded and graded cards. 

    Glads Collectibles is not responsible for any damages during shipping. It is the responsibility of the owner of the cards to insure packages above $100 in value in the case of lost or damaged packages. Glads Collectibles is only liable when cards are received and for return shipping. 

    Cards must be shipped with both sleeves and top loaders to ensure no damage occurs during shipping. 

      The appraisal times of each submission quantity are listed below:

          • 1 – 10 Cards:  5 business days 

          • 11 – 25 Cards: 5 – 7 business days

          • 26 – 50 Cards: 5 – 10 business days

          • 51 – 100 Cards: 7 – 10 business days

          • 101 – 200 Cards: 10 – 14 business days

          • 201 – 350 Cards: 14 business days

          • 351 - 500 Cards: 14 - 20 business days

        The return shipping will be invoiced AFTER the appraisal is completed. The shipping invoice will include an exact tracked and insured shipping amount based on the value of your appraisal. This ensures the highest safety for your card’s return. The invoice must be paid prior to receiving the electronic appraisal documentation and the return shipping tracking number.  


          Glads Collectibles Appraisal service is conducted by a team of experts that analyze multiple sources to ensure accuracy of the appraisal. 

          Glads Collectibles can only guarantee the accuracy of the appraisal at that specific time and date due to the volatility of the trading card market. 

          Glads Collectibles appraises trading cards based on their years of expertise and knowledge and is not an authentication service. If fake cards are submitted and recognized, they will not be appraised.