• Near Mint

    Cards in Near Mint condition show minimal wear from shuffling, play or handling and can have a nearly unmarked surface, crisp corners, and unblemished edges outside of a few slight flaws. A Near Mint card may have slight edge wear and/or minimal to no scratching, but overall look nearly unplayed with no major defects.

    The acceptable range of cards within the Near Mint condition includes both cards with no imperfections and cards with a few slight imperfections.

  • Light Play

    Cards in Light Play condition may have minor border or corner wear, scuffs, or scratches. There are no major defects such as grime, bends, or issues with the structural integrity of the card. Noticeable imperfections are okay, but none should be too severe.

    The acceptable range of cards within the Light Play condition includes both cards with few minor imperfections.

  • Moderate Play

    Cards in Moderate Play condition can have border wear, corner wear, scratching or scuffing, creases or whitening or any combination of moderate examples of these flaws.

    A Moderate Play card may have some form of imperfection impacting a small area of the card from mishandling or poor storage, in combination with other issues such as scratches, scuffs or border/edge wear.

  • Heavy Play

    Cards in Heavy Play condition show a major amount of wear or at least one significant flaw (e.g., scratch, major indent, severe corner wear).

    Heavy Play cards can show a variety of moderate imperfections along with whitening and bends.